Anek Pradesh


What a beautiful guy… While Anek’s beliefs don’t allow him to be photographed completely nude, this guy made my heart race.  He’s got a beautiful body and a very masculine demeanor.  He’s been working out lately and he’s proud of his physique (duh) so, he decided to commemorate his new hot bod with some photos!  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

PC042429-Edit PC042452-Edit
PC042459-Edit PC042465-Edit
PC042465-Edit-2 PC042615-Edit-Edit

As a 40+ year old guy, I admire most of my models for the guts that it takes to actually show up and lose the clothes!  I mean, if you think about it -this is kinda HUGE – especially when it’s your first time.  And, realistically – with only a couple of exceptions – my first meeting with the guys is when we begin shooting.  Add to that the fact that in his home-country of Iran, a man can be killed for displaying his nude body – when Anek got kind of “concerned” with the nudity part, I got it… I mean, I definitely got it.

But, as you can see in these photos- nudity doesn’t mean that your full body has to be featured.  I call these “non-revealing nudes” and some can be every bit as hot as those that show their viewers everything.  A towel, pillow, chicken (hehe) or just a careful cropping of the original photo can sometimes be used to mask the obvious and in some situations the photos can be even more erotic.  You be the judge, but in this case I don’t miss a thing.  Anek is one beautiful man and I’m glad that he had the confidence in me and in himself to show up that afternoon.


PC042492-Edit PC042524-Edit
PC042723-Edit-Edit-Edit PC042765-Edit
PC042768-Edit PC042806-Edit


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