A little about me and Absolute Male:

Hi, I’m Don and let me officially welcome you to Absolute Male.  This site is all about introducing great looking guys to great paying studios.

A little about me and Absolute Male:

I’m an average 43 year old gay guy who just pooled my love for beautiful naked straight men, an increasing interest in great photography and the overwhelming desire to make a buck every once and awhile.  The result is this website.

I’ve photographed the male nude for years and I’ve gotten pretty good at it (I’m patting myself on my back right now).  Over the last year especially, I have really been busy and I’ve gotten to shoot a lot of REALLY beautiful men!  Two things kept happening over and over again.

  1. My models kept asking me if I had other work for them.
  2. Studios kept asking me if my models would be interested in other work.

Now, I’m like a mother hen with these guys.  I’m REALLY protective of them!  I get to know most of the guys I’ve photographed pretty well – and most of the time, we end up friends.  A lot of the guys call every once and awhile to just catch up and let me know what they’re up to and these relationships are something that I’d never want to jeopardize.  But, by the same token – most of the Absolute Males are actually in college and most of us can remember how difficult it is to maintain grades and maintain an income.  I wanted to help them make some money and at the same time, make sure that they weren’t put in to a situation that made them uncomfortable.

So, as these studios called, I’d talk to them.  I’d check out their websites and I’d search the internet for reviews by the models that worked for them.  Occasionally, I’d shoot a model that had already worked for one of these companies and when I did, I’d ask questions.  A lot of questions.

  • Did you feel comfortable?
  • Was the staff professional?
  • Were you treated well?
  • Did their check clear?

I mean, there are a lot of websites out there that film and photograph hot naked men, and many of them are great studios to work for.  But, there are exceptions to every rule, and it’s important to know which studios are actually studios and which just want to manhandle a hot college guy for the afternoon!

ok, more soon…

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